Car auction bids made easy

How to bid in an online vehicle auction


You have found some interesting cars for your car business, and you know how the auctions work. Now all you need to do is place your bid. Exactly how do you do that? With ease! Just follow our simple steps and you’ll be on the road to bidding success.

STEP 1: Your account

You need an account. If you don’t have one, register here. And if you do? Just log in.

STEP 2: Find your vehicle

Find a vehicle you want to bid on. And go to its page. 

STEP 3: Enter your bid

Type in your amount. You can also use the + / - buttons to get the numbers right. The only restrictions are that your bid must be equal to or higher than the starting price and higher than the current price. Make sure you look at the auction fees and the country-specific costs too. They may affect the amount you want to bid. And if you’re still a little uncertain, give us a callYou can also take a look at our movie, learn how to consult our extended car descriptions.

STEP 4: Choose your bidding method

Now you know how much you want to bid, it’s time to choose your bidding method.

a) Stepwise bidding (bid agent)
When you enter your maximum, only you will be able to see it. Your visible bid will stay as low as possible – but a step ahead of other bidders. What if they keep increasing their bids? Then the bid agent will keep increasing your visible bid too. It stops when it reaches your maximum amount.

The current price is € 2,000. You place a stepwise bid of € 3,000. The bid that appears on the website is for € 2,100. When someone else bids € 2,500, your visible bid is raised to € 2,600. If someone else places a bid of 3,000, you remain the highest bidder. But if someone places a bid of € 3,100, they will take the lead. You’ll need to enter € 3,200 or more to make your way back in front.

b) Maximum bid or direct bid
Prefer a more straightforward way of bidding? Use the ‘Place maximum bid immediately’ option. Everyone will see your maximum bid on the screen. Immediately. And if they want to win the auction? Well, then they’ll need to bid higher. This is a great way to scare other bidders away.

STEP 5: Use "My Bids"

Tip: Use the 'My bids' option in the menu at the top of the page in order to improve bids you lost, track your winning bids and place your best bid for x-Time auctions. The bids you make in the 'My Bids' menu are maximum bids. These are always up to date, so you aren't required to manually refresh the page.

Our mobile app is optimized for "My Bids". You can simultaneously bid on various vehicles and it is always synchronized with our website.

STEP 6: Submit your bid

Make your bid official by clicking the ‘Submit’ button. All bids are binding, so make doubly sure you’re happy with the amount. Also check whether the seller has extra guidelines you need to be aware of. You’ll also want to know about the car release process, the documentation and what you need to do to collect the vehicle. But don’t worry: everything you need to know is right there in front of you, under ‘Very Important Information.

When you have the highest bid, it will appear green. If someone goes higher? The current price will turn red. But only until you outbid them. Good luck!

STEP 7: Place your best and final bid with "Ultimo" 

If you are the winner of an auction, you will get a final chance to increase your bid. You will have 5 additional minutes to think about the best value for a vehicle, without the pressure of competition. Read more about Ultimo here.

STEP 8: Follow up on bids with browser notifications

For some auction events, you want to be able to act immediately, such as when you are overbid or when an x-Time is starting. We have therefore introduced browser notifications.


Make sure you print a copy of our Bidding Advisor. It tells you everything you need to know about bidding and includes a few useful tips and tricks that can make a huge difference to you and your bank account.

Did something go wrong? You’ve got a few doubts? Or you would just prefer to talk to someone to make sure everything is running smoothly. No problem! We are here to help! Contact us now!