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  • Vortex Capital Partners and ABN AMRO Participaties lead buyout of ADESA

    дек 20, 2016
    Vortex Capital Partners and ABN AMRO Participaties have acquired a majority stake in CarsOnTheWeb, the online auction site for used cars. The participation is part of the new growth strategy and objective of CarsOnTheWeb to exceed the threshold of 100,000 vehicles sold.
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  • Dieselgate, 1 year later: What have we learned?

    окт 11, 2016
    Exactly one year ago the automotive industry was shaken to its core, when it was uncovered that Volkswagen, one of the strongest brands in the world, had tampered with the emission levels on a major scale. The scandal concerned over 11 million diesel cars. A worldwide tidal wave of outrage resulted from the event. Today, however we are still mostly feeling the aftershock of the indirect results.
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  • The most expensive cars ever sold at auction

    сеп 05, 2016
    Before analysing the Top 10 most expensive cars ever sold at auction, let's take a look at CarsOnTheWeb's own archive, which has built up its own ranking…
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  • List of the 20 most popular cars in Europe

    авг 17, 2016
    Now that the year is half-way through, the European automotive industry traditionally issues its report on the last six months. We also dug out our abacus to put together the most popular new models of the moment in a handy list. Will the current favourite, the VW Golf, stand its ground or will it have to deal with being a runner-up? Discover the full top-20 list here!
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  • 7 factors that determine the price of a car

    юли 11, 2016
    Only a few conversation topics are more controversial than the ‘right’ price for a second-hand car. There are, however, a few rules of thumb you can use to get a better deal – if only slightly – on the inherent value of a car. CarsOnTheWeb gives you an overview of some of the most important factors.
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